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Top Quality Hoops as seen on Good Morning America! Looking for hula hoops to buy? BodyHoops is your premier source for hula hoops, including the only USA patented Infinity Collapsible Travel hoop, a variety of sizes and weighted hula hoops, dance and performance hoops, for all ages and skill levels. Hooping also known as hoop dancing is the hot new fitness trend that is sweeping the country. As seen on TV and in the media, celebrities like Michelle Obama and Marisa Tomei are hula hooping to stay fit and have fun! Get in shape with one of our awesome fitness hula hoops and DVD! We also provide wholesale options and a variety of hula hooping events, including hula hoop teacher trainings and hula hoop retreats!

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Hula Hooping with BodyHoops makes it fun and easy to experience success and get fit!  All of our hoops are slightly weighted and larger than the traditional hula hoops.  We provide hoops that are great for youth and adults.  The Lightweight hula hoops are for the more advanced adult hoopers and youth, and our travel hula hoops are great for hula hoopers on the go, while the standard fitness hoop collection is great for beginner adult hoopers!  Our hula hoops are made of a thick durable plastic tubing that will not kink or easily break and wrapped with decorative grip tape which helps the hula hoop to stay on your hips.  Choose from a variety of styles and colors!

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Baby hoop is fun for Toddlers
Baby Hoop
Price: $17.99

Baby hoop is fun for toddlers and kids, ages 2-4 years old. Most kids don't actually learn to "hula hoop" until around age 4, but kids will have lots of fun spinning, rolling and playing with this colorful hoop.
Polypro color metallic copper and teal
Featherweight Poly Pro
List Price: $32.50
Price: $32.50
Sale Price: $27.50
You save $5.00!

Featherweight Poly Pro Hoop

The featherweight Poly Pro hoop is the go to hoop for the intermediate and advanced hooper. Small and ultra lightweight, which is ideal for hand manipulation tricks, directional changes and breaks. Available in two sizes and 4 colors.

Value Hoop
Value Fitness Hoop
Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $29.99


Value Fitness Hoop
BodyHoops Special!

Fun, easy to use adult size weighted fitness hoop. Available in four color styles and sizes.

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Price: $39.99



Light weight and small, so its super fast! Great for circus style hoop tricks and hooping with multiple hoops. Also great for kids over 4 years old.

Choose from our featured colors or allow us to choose and save $5.

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Standard Dance Pro
Standard Dance Pro
Price: $39.99


Standard Dance Pro

Light weight standard dance hoop. Weighs around 1 to 1.25 lbs.
Available in the small size 38" and medium 40" diameter. For intermediate to advanced hoopers.
Choose from the featured colors and as always custom sizes and colors available on request. Call 503-728-8502

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Standard Fitness Hoop - 2 Colors
Standard Weighted Exercise Fitness Hoop
Price: $39.99


Standard Fitness Hoop - 2 Colors

Our most popular exercise hoop the Standard Fitness comes in 4 sizes and weighs from 1.25 to about 2.5 pounds. Great for fitness and fun. Choose from our BOLD two color options or call 502-728-8502 for custom color combinations.

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Infinity Dance Pro
Infinity Collapsible Dance Pro Hula Hoop
Price: $44.99


Infinity Dance Pro

The Lightweight Infinity Dance Pro hoop is a great travel hoop for the intermediate to advanced hooper.
Available in size small 37-38"
Choose from our featured collection or allow us to choose and save $5

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Fitness Infinity Travel Hoop - 2 Colors
Infinity Collapsible Weighted Exercise Travel Hoop
Price: $44.99


Infinity Travel Fitness Hoop - 2 Colors

Take your workout with you. The Infinity Travel Hoop twists to a figure 8 shape and then folds over to a quarter of its size. Weighted travel hoop for fitness and fun. Choose from our BOLD two color combinations or allow us to choose and save $5.

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Fitness Hula Hoop
Two in One Fitness Hoop
List Price: $59.99
Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $44.99
You save $15.00!

Introductory offer...Save $5.00 off the regular discounted price. This is our new "Two in One" Fitness Hoop which includes a removable segment that can change the hoop from 38" diameter 1.5 lb to a 42" diameter approximately 2 lb hoop, then back again if you wish, at the push of a button.
Light up led hula hoop
Fantasy LED Hula Hoop
List Price: $95.00
Price: $95.00
Sale Price $90.00
You save $5.00!

Like all of our LED Hula Hoops the STAR BURST comes with a rechargeable battery, battery charger and grip tape on the inside surface. This year our leds also can be used with 2 AA batteries if you want to make sure you can hoop all night at festivals, camping and away from power sources. What really makes our hoops different? We offer a 30 day money back and a one year parts and service guarantee (excludes the hdpe tubing). If your hoop fails to light all you need to do is ship it back to us and we’ll fix it and ship it back to you! All our LED hoops come with a simple snap on snap off button. Never again will you need to worry about faulty switches on your hoop! Just place either the two AA's or the rechargeable battery inside your hoop, press down on the push button, and close the hoop! We will also add a 1/2 inch wide grip tape, in black or one of four fluorescent neon colors, to the inside of your hoop to make those hand and body hoop tricks much easier. These hoops are lightweight and super responsive and ideal for all ages and experience levels. Get some nightime fun in your hooping routine!


  • 5/8" O.D. clear HDPE tubing
  • LEDs Included
    4 Red Strobing
    4 Orange Strobing
    4 Yellow Strobing
    4 Green Strobing
    4 Blue Strobing
    4 Pink Strobing
  • 36" diameter hoop
  • approximately 14 ounce weight
  • easy snap on snap off operation
  • one year electrical parts and service warranty
  • added gaffers tape for extra grip on inside of hoop
  • 3.6v lithium battery (read battery cautions carefully before use)
  • battery charger for use with above battery only
  • also uses 2 AA batteries for those no power available night parties
Value Variety Pack
Value Variety Pack
Price: $349.99
Sale Price: $299.99
You save $50.00!

Value Variety Pack

Our Value Variety Pack is great for parties, gatherings and classes. 10 Standard fitness hoops at a discounted rate. Assorted colors, you choose the sizes.

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The Standard Fitness series consists of hoops that are the same weight and quality.  The only difference is the choice of color. The weight is around 2lbs

Standard Fitness Hoop - Solid Colors
Standard Fitness Hoop - 2 Colors
Standard Value Hoop

The Infinity Travel series consists of hoops that are the same 2lb weight and quality.  The only
difference is the choice of color.

Fitness Infinity Travel Hoop - Solid Colors

Fitness Infinity Travel Hoop - 2 Colors
Value Infinity Travel Hoop

The Dance Pro series consists of our travel hoop and Standard hoop made with lighter weight
tubing for those seeking a lighter option.

Infinity Dance Pro
Standard Dance Pro

The SuperFly series is our smallest and lightest of our weighted hoops.  Ideal for advanced hoopers,
performers, and children.