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Body Hoops + Canyon Hoops have Merged

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Together Body Hoops and Canyon Hoops build better products. We're the only hoop retailer offering a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime no crush, no kink guarantee on all adult Exercise Hoops.

The Merger

In May of 2014, Canyon Hoops purchased the assets of Body Hoops. Canyon Hoops already sold Body Hoop’s Infinity Travel Exercise Hoop because of Body Hoop’s patent: a unique swivel connector that allowed them (and now allows us!) to make collapsible hoops heavier and thus easier for beginner’s to learn, as well as providing extra weight resistance beneficial to weight loss. No other company can make a truly reliable collapsible weighted hoop.

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About the Two Companies

Ron & Ruth Klint, Founders
Canyon Hoops

We discovered our passion for hooping while white water rafting the Colorado River, Grand Canyon. Since then in 2004, Canyon Hoops has shipped over 70,000 hoops worldwide.

Diana Lopez, Founder
Body Hoops

Diana’s passion for hooping began during the summer of 2001, after having a surgery and temporarily having to refrain from strenuous activity for a few months. Hooping provided a wonderful way to move, smile and feel good which aided in the healing process.